• Livingstone City is richly embraced with national heritage sites and localities. It is one of the few places that you will find Dr. David Livingstone's letters which are located in the Livingstone Museum, the city has diverse cultures that portray true Zambian spirits and values.

  • Cultural Tour,

    Cultural Tour (Mukwalantila Village)


    $80 Half-Day , $120 Full-Day

    A cultural tour that allows you to not only see a different culture, but it allows you to experience the culture through an authentic journey, immersing you into the daily culture of Tonga people and their lives. The duration of the tour is flexible, it can be done as a half day tour or a full day tour, it is available all year round and each period of the year offers a unique experience.

  • The Story Behind Livingstone (Livingstone City Tour)


    The story behind Livingstone addresses the curiosity of the past, present, and future of Livingstone. More so the past as regards to pre-colonial times, colonial times independent Zambia up-to the present, this will include the social changes as regards to state governance - colonial times, multi-party times, one-party state times and back to multi-party and possible future.

  • Zambia has a rich cultural history that can be discovered by visiting the different Museums in Zambia and through going to historical sites as well as through interaction with the local people.

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