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The Devil’s Pool Victoria Falls Re-opens Tomorrow (27/06/2019)

By Innocent Malambo

· Victoria Falls,Zambia,Adventure,Livingstone,Africa

The Devil's Pool is the best infinity pool in the world, while taking a swim in the pool you will have an opportunity to not only watch the Victoria falls no, but you will be a part of it, you will feel the waves of water as they go down. It also tests you courage and decision making because you will literally be living on the edge, why not have a little fun and live life on the edge.The Devil’s pool is located on the Livingstone island, right on the edge of the Victoria falls

Swimming in the Devil's pool Victoria Falls
Devil's pool tour

A trip to the Livingstone island is not only about swimming in the devils pool, it’s also a great place to have a meal, the meals on offer are breakfast that is served at 7:30, 9:00 and 10:30, if you are not a morning person don’t worry, you won’t be left out, lunch is offered at 12:30 and finally we have high tea at 15:30.

Relaxing in the Devil's pool Victoria falls at the Livingstone Island
one of the best Livingstone Activities, swimming in the Devil's pool Victoria Falls
Livingstone Activities, Victoria Falls Activities, Devils Pool Victoria Falls, Livingstone Island
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