• - Why Namibia -

    More than one desert hosted; One being the oldest desert in the world with rust-red sand dunes so high they are believed to be older than most would imagine at approximately 5 million; a ghost town, deserted and quiet and yet once held its significance in time. Old parts outlining a ship wreck area, from a time before flight above the seas seemed so possible. Communities of Bushmen preserving a moment in time forgotten by others. This is Namibia, a country sharing a border with 3 other countries, one with untamed wildlife adapted to its harsh environment and a landscape so beautiful its worth the visit.

  • - Highlights -

    Namib Desert

    From the west coastal area of the Country stands the Namib desert - the oldest desert at 80 million years with its towering dunes. It is also home of the famous Deadvlei. This is a clay pan containing some ancient dead trees.

    Etosha National park

    The park boast of 4 of the big five as it has no Buffalos. However this does not affect the shimmer of this hotspot. With most of its wildlife gathering along its waterholes during the dry season, it simply is a place to be to see how these adaptive creatures interact with each other.

    Kolmanskop ghost town

    From once a town that emerged as result of having one of the world's precious stone to now a remnant of old buildings depicting that man can transform harsh environments if they have the resources he needs. Welcome to Kolmanskop; learn the history of this town, get to see and not just read about the tools once used and what makes this town a ghost town.

    Walvis bay

    Not just a hotspot for seal colonies but also one for different birds species such as flamingos and penguins. With an Urban touch and the Atlantic ocean on the other side its truly a place to be.

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    With its unique landmarks and diverse wildlife Namibia is up to the challenge when it comes to writing your adventure story. Enquire, check out our itineraries or read our blog which give suggestion and information on what you can do.

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    Here is a sneak peek into Namibia and the stories you can write as you visit

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